I am a Senior Lecturer in Law at the University of Exeter and the Director of the Exeter Centre for International Law. My work focuses mainly on international conflict and security law and questions of operational law, including the law of armed conflict, the legal status of foreign armed forces and the application of human rights law in deployed operations. I have published widely in leading academic journals on status of forces agreements, peace support operations and the legal aspects of European security and defence policy.

I maintain close working relationships with legal practitioners in the armed forces and lecture regularly on the subject of international law and military operations in the UK and abroad. I am a Fellow of Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe and a Fellow of the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps.

Brexit, Article 50 and Reversability

The purpose of this paper is to determine whether a Member State of the EU may revoke its notice to withdraw from the Union under Article 50 TEU. Contrary to the position taken by the English courts in Miller, this paper confirms that a notice to withdraw from the EU is in fact reversible.

The Status of Armed Forces in Public International Law: Jurisdiction and Immunity

In this contribution to the Research Handbook on Jurisdiction and Immunities in International Law (edited by Alexander Orakhelashvili), I explore how the rules of State jurisdiction and State immunity apply to foreign armed forces. What is the law of the flag? Why is the legal status of foreign military personnel not the same as that of tourists? Find out here!

Untangling Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction from International Responsibility in Jaloud v. Netherlands

In this article, I argue that the European Court has taken one step forward in the Jaloud case by introducing the notion of full command into the debate on extra-territorial jurisdiction, but two steps back by sowing unnecessary confusion with regard to the applicable rules of attribution.

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